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Simple & Powerful

Collaborate visually from 10,000 feet to 10,000 words

It doesn't matter if you're drawing a masterpiece, writing a screenplay, building an app, creating a campaign, choosing a new software vendor - the way we solve problems requires more than just documents, diagrams and comments. It requires a complete system of visual thinking.


Bringing Depth, Detail & Intelligence to Visual Knowledge

Magic Editor

Whether you want to add quick notes or deep dive and focus, Vulcan's Magic Editor provides all the capabilities you'd expect of the new class of text editors found in the popular workflow tools, like Notion and Dropbox Paper. The Vulcan Editor builds on those capabilities even further.

Smart AddOns

The Editor recognises Youtube videos, Twitter feeds and automatically embeds them into the Object. Create tabs or display in-line inside the Editor.

Custom Components

In addition to our growing list of rich components that you can add into the editor, we've made it possible and easy for you to build your own custom components. Make them for yourself or publish them to your teammates or to the entire Vulcan community.

Entity Recognition & Extraction

The connection between the visual aspects of Vulcan and the Editor uniquely provide the connection between your documents, their content and the bigger picture context of your Vulcan workspaces.
Simple & Powerful

Layers for all Technical Levels

Multidisciplinary teams can really flourish with Vulcan.

Coders - with some basic web development skills you can create rich custom components and user interfaces.
Nocode - Build knowledge workflows and automations to improve your efficiency and save time.
Visual - Sketch, draw and map high level concepts to communicate the big picture
Editorial - Collect research and focus on your writing


ūüóļ Wayfinder - Meetings Async

Visual mapping is a powerful tool. Combine this with personalised video storytelling and presentations that can be delivered anywhere at anytime. Perfect for...

Onboarding new teammates

Technical documentation navigation

Educational pathways

Replaying meetings

Creative briefings

Asynchronous presentations

.. plus hundreds more powerful use-cases for you to discover!