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Visual Collaboration Workflows for
Creative Thinkers

Vulcan is a powerful visual, collaborative whiteboard with a difference - it's fully extensible.

Create dynamic visual methods to support your team workflows. We help you to align on strategic goals, build competitive advantage and optimise workflows, visually and collaboratively.

The result is a supercharged innovation culture
built for the demands of now and into the future.


It does everything you can imagine a digital whiteboard should do, and then much more...

With a focus on Extensibility-first design, the Vulcan canvas can do whatever you dream of - even if we haven't already thought of it.


We asked people how they think and work when they're solving problems.
Here's what they told us.

“I think incredibly visually and things feel ‘right’ when they ‘align’. It means I can be very certain very fast and I can move to a representation of an idea on a slide almost instantly.”
Tom Powell
“I have a habit of using the air around me as a 3D canvas space. There must be other people out there who do that too (am I crazy?)... How do I think about relationships between tables of data? Get the 👐 in the air and map it out. Similar for thinking about and understanding diagrams or concepts more generally. It all comes to life more than something on a screen or paper. It doesn't help my drawing skills at all though. 🙃”
Data Scientist at a Travel Company
“As a UX'er I hear what people say, see what people do and analyse numbers. All that being said I'm definitely more visual and see things in diagrams and flows.”
UX Director and Startup Founder
“Holographic thinking here - basically dove deep and throw a load of things on a mental wall. Then join dots organically as opposed to a,b,c... Find that I often have to spell the a-z out in steps and then show the shortcut otherwise it gets lost.”
CEO of a Blockchain Company
“My son’s math class is set up in teams with a whiteboard desktop as the table for each team. The teacher gives them a problem before they get any training on how to solve it. They do their best to figure it out together first, then individually to see if they can crack it.”
CEO at an Education Company
“Diagramming and drawing things, that’s how solve problems, correlate, develop relationships, and understand concepts. Data visualization is key or else I’m staring at spreadsheets waiting for my brain to see a picture.”
A Digital Innovator
“I see in patterns, both visually and numerically.”
A Customer Engagement Innovator
“I've never met a white board I didn't like. Kanban literally gives me goose bumps. I still believe in the Think Tank process. Write it all out. Get the buy in. Have snacks! The osmotic conversations are rad! I visualize and assess. I high five the team and we are good. Mapping, mapping, mapping. Then chocolate. Yes!”
Technical Senior Program Manager
“Abstract models and patterns.”
Emerging Technology & Innovation Consultant
“Colors, diagrams, patterns in colors.”
Non-Exec Director and Fundraising Specialist
“I am more direct/relationship focused communicator and a visual learner, so if someone is unrelatable/talking around the subject and there are no visuals, I get very lost!”
Founder at a Marketing Agency
“Geometric Shapes - like Tetris - seeing how things fit together and if two objects are on a collision course.”
Founder & CEO of an Upcycling Environmental Company
“100% Diagrams. Until I get the chance to draw out what’s being explained to me, I’m only ever 50% of the way there - and like a nodding dog!”
Vice President at a Bank

Yet the tools we use
aren't designed like that.

It's time for a change.


Checklists, todos and feeds. There's a top and a bottom and everything else in between.


Great for moving lists through a workflow. But very little context or meaning overall.


Powerful data organisation, formatting and simple programming

Files & Folders

Hierarchical nested organisation for documents and assets.

We're missing the BIG picture


A Powerful Visual Knowledge Management Solution
Designed to work the way you think

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